Coherence Apps LLC is very concerned about privacy and takes every effort to anonymize all answers. Your name and personal information is converted instantly to random codes. Moreover, answers to questions are deleted completely six months after you have been on the site.

We hold on to the answers for six months in order to do internal optimization of our algorithms. Using your feedback, and that of others, we seek out successes and failures so we can analyze incorrect choices made by the expert system. This is crucial to effectiveness. Nevertheless, these analyses are done on randomized code, not on identifiers connected to you directly.

We do store emails in a separate file for the purpose of receiving your feedback and informing you of new modules as they are developed. This is optional on your part. If you opt-in, you will receive occasional emails with useful information. If not, we will not bother you. This entire aspect of the website is completely separate from the question sets and expert system.