You email is primarily used for sending the eRemedy streaming url from which you play the eRemedy. That particular email is not used for any other purpose unless you specifically opt-in at the end of the process.

We ask you to fill out a feedback questionnaire after you finish the question sets and receive your streaming url. We strongly need this feedback to perfect our algorithms and detect and flaws in logic.

After that, we offer an opt-in for adding your email to our marketing list. We promise not to overwhelm you with useless information. And you can always opt-out later. The purpose of this is to let you know about new entries in the blog, and to announce new modules as they become available.

These emails can also be a useful reminder to think of these modules whenever you encounter an acute condition. We realize this is a new way to think about treating complaints, so people will tend to forget. Therefore, periodic and useful reminders can be of great value – if you choose to opt-in.

Our email marketing list will never be sold or given to anyone else.