Modules from treat all kinds of acute disease or conditions – and only these. Acute conditions are defined as sudden-onset, and self-limited. They are conditions from which the body recovers naturally on its own. eRemedies can accelerate the healing. Infectious diseases (whether bacterial or viral) or injuries are common acute ailments.

Examples available now on include fever, diarrhea, cough, influenza, malaria, typhoid, cholera, grief, anxiety/panic/phobia, head injury, headache, back pain, bladder infection, menstrual pain, toothache, colic, teething, wounds, bites or stings, pet abscess, pet bladder infection – and complications of childbirth.

The module asks a series of questions (for at most 5 or 10 min). The answers form a pattern which is unique to you. The expert system uses these answers to choose a precise eRemedy from the library of 263 eRemedies. Once a selection is made, its url is sent to your cellphone or computer.

The eRemedy is then streamed from the library server for 13 seconds. You “take” the eRemedy according to the recommended protocol.

Typically relief occurs within a few hours to perhaps a day depending on severity of the ailment.