eRemedies are electronic extractions of homeopathic remedies obtained directly from FDA approved pharmacies.

As described in the page Our Technology, homeopathic remedies themselves are made by a process of succussion (pounding) and serial dilutions that go past the point where there is no molecule left of the original substance. This seems impossible for people to believe in at first, but there is actual physics understood about the process. Nanoclusters are formed by the pounding, and these expand when diluted. These nanoclusters carry the same energy as the original substance because that is how the clusters formed in the first place.

The important principle is that these nanoclusters are radiating energy. This is detectable in a coil, then amplified, and finally digitized into MP3 files – the same format as music.

When played, a hissing sound is hear for 13 seconds. That constitutes a “dose.” It is not true that nothing is happening. If the protocol is followed as described, if the pattern of answers given to the expert system is accurate, and if the algorithm in the expert system is correct, the eRemedy should bring rapid relief for the acute condition.