The vast majority of the time, a correct eRemedy produces rapid relief. However, there are multiple reasons why it might not work on the first try.

  • The disease itself might be too aggressive, so relief is only temporary.
  • Answers to the questions may not be exactly accurate, or changing as the disease continues.
  • The expert system itself may need improvement to provide greater accuracy.
  • The original homeopathic remedy from the pharmacy might be faulty.
  • Electronic extraction of the eRemedy frequency may not have been done correctly.

In medicine of any kind, nothing is perfect or guaranteed. We need feedback from you and all our users to verify that the algorithms and eRemedies are doing what they are supposed to. To this end we ask you to complete a brief survey. We are not just looking for positive results, although those are always welcome of course! Negative results are perhaps even more important. They focus us on improvements to make in the algorithms.

Because of the first two factors, we have a policy that if the first try fails, you have two more tries without further charge. You just need to go back through the question set, being as thoughtful as you can about your current symptoms. Hopefully, this will be enough to get results.

If all this still fails, it is time to consult a physician. The best is to see a Classical Homeopath in your area if you know of one.

One more thing, we do not give refunds in case of medical failure. Medicine is never perfect, so some failures are expected regardless of the type of therapy. 100% guarantees are never offered in health systems or methods.

We do honor refund requests, however, if the failure occurs because our servers failed to deliver the signal required.