modules are designed EXCLUSIVELY for ACUTE conditions. Even if they bring relief temporarily during chronic conditions, the effect might be suppression rather than cure, with the risk of making the chronic condition worse in the long run.

A good example is arthritis. Usually arthritis is age-related or rheumatoid. These are chronic conditions. Rarely, there can be an acute arthritis from an injury and subsequent infection. In this case a module might work, but this situation is rare.

Headaches can be another example. If it is due to an acute stress or injury, the module and chosen eRemedy would work. However, most headaches are chronic, like tension headaches or migraines or menstrual headaches. It would NOT be appropriate to try eRemedies for such chronic headaches. Seeing a Classical Homeopath is the best option in such a case.

Acute diarrhea due to food or water contamination are amenable to eRemedy treatment. However, many people have chronic diarrhea due to autoimmune diseases such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. These are not candidates for our modules.

Back pain is another example. If it is acute, say from athletics or unusual lifting, the Back Pain module would be very helpful. However, many back pains are chronic and continuous due to mechanical problems or bone spurs, or arthritic degeneration. These cases would not be benefitted.

Cancer is a chronic disease. We have no modules for cancer, even though the suffering is intense. Seeing a Classical Homeopath is the best option in such a case.

These are just common examples.